NJ requires 12 credits of Continuing Education every 2 years to renew a salesperson, broker-salesperson or broker’s license.  The renewal date for all licensees is June 30 of the odd year (2017 will be the next renewal year)

Additional information/ resource

  • April 30, 2017: date by which you have to have completed your CE credits to avoid a late penalty fee of $200
  • To check the status of your CE credits, log into your PSI account at njrece.psiexams.com
  • Requirements for the 12 credits:  a minimum of 2 ethics credits and 4 additional core credits, the remaining 6 credits can be of any kind (ethics, core or elective).

All the CE courses I offer for NJ are three (3) hours in length.   All courses include discussions on commonly encountered scenarios and are updated regularly to reflect regulatory changes.


Course information

Advertising Regulations3 Core NJ CE , NY outline available

This presentation is a compilation of the most important regulations pertaining to advertising:

  • The NJ Real Estate Commission Rules and Regulations, 11:5-6.1 and bulletin 10-3
  • The NAR Code of Ethics – Article 12
  • NAR Trademark regulations
  • Local MLS regulations
  • Truth in Lending Law (for financial advertising)

The information will be covered by reviewing various examples of advertising material and situations


Agency Relationships and Disclosure – Understanding NJ requirements

3 Core NJ CE, NY outline available

The seminar’s goal is to both review definitions and NJ regulations regarding agency and disclosure and discuss best practices in various scenarios. Information covered will be:

  • Definitions and obligations to clients and customers
  • NJ Licensing Regulations and Code of Ethics
  • Discussion on seller’s agency, buyer’s agency, transaction brokerage and dual agency: creation, obligation, limits
  • Disclosure obligations – lead paint, material facts, social considerations, Megan’s Law

The various relationships and requirements will be reviewed through the analysis of different cases and most common scenarios facing the real estate licensee


Environmental Concerns in the Residential Transaction3 Core NJ CE,

Understanding, disclosure, regulations and red flag will be reviewed for various environmental hazards (lead paint, oil tanks, mold ,asbestos, septic tanks, wells.

The seminar will also discuss the impact of NJ environmental regulations on the real estate transaction (Highlands Act, Pinelands, Freshwater Wetland and Wetland Acts)


Essentials of the short sale transaction – 3 Elective NJ CE, NY outline available

At the conclusion of this course, the licensee will understand:

  • the definition and the particularities of the short sale transaction, and how it differs from foreclosure
  • the obligations of the real estate licensee (disclosures, advertising, permissions, negotiations)
  • the general requirements and components of the short sale package


 Learn to Successfully Negotiate to Protect your Clients3 Elective NJ CE, NY outline available

At the conclusion of this course, the licensee will:

  • Understood the difference between negotiating and selling
  • Reviewed our obligation to clients and the need for negotiation skills
  • Learned various approaches to negotiation and reviewed various techniques
  • Develop a systematic approach to the negotiation process and establish a checklist for a purchase and sale negotiation


Multiple Offers – Be Prepared 3 Core NJ CE , NY outline available

There are multiple offers on the house your buyers want to purchase, what can you do to increase their chances of being the winning bid?   The sellers are facing multiple offers, what do you do next?

After reviewing the legal and ethical requirements (such as confidentiality issues, disclosures, escalation clauses), the course will discuss the various scenarios buyers and sellers may encounter, discuss the pros and cons of various strategies, so that clients can ultimately make an informed decision on their course of action.

Risk management suggestions for the licensees facing multiple offers will conclude the course.


Review and Updates of the REALTOR® Code of Ethics2 Ethics and 1 Core NJ CE , NY outline available

Following a brief presentation on the history and structure of the Code of Ethics, the seminar will:

  • review each article of the Code of Ethics,
  • discuss how it compares to the NJ licensing regulations
  • analyze how it impacts our activities as REALTORS®

Multiple case studies (updated) will be used to discuss the application of the Code of Ethics .


Social Media, Laws and Ethics – Dos and Dont’s3 Core NJ CE

At the conclusion of this course, the licensee will:

  • Understand the extend of social media and its use in real estate
  • Have reviewed various regulations regarding the use of social media
  • Have practiced by reviewing various uses of social media as example
  • Have the tools to develop a social media policy for their business

Updated to account for the changing use of social media in the real estate business