My interest in real estate education grew after multiple years as a pre-licensing instructor in NJ and the feedback received from students on an ongoing basis.

When I decided to expand outside of pre-licensing, NJ still did not have any continuing education requirements (first renewal cycle including CE obligation was in 2011), so I looked for courses that I felt had content bringing direct value to the business of a real estate licensee. This lead me to designations and certification courses – both third party courses and NAR courses.

Once continuing education became reality in NJ, I also wrote courses on topics I felt needed to be covered/ reviewed.

 I will only offer courses on topics I am interested (and passionate) and of course knowledgeable about.  I particularly enjoy – and am apparently quite effective at- teaching about rules!

For details on the various course offering, refer to the specific pages:

NJ Continuing Education

MA Continuing Education

NAR Certification and Designations

MCNE Designation courses from the Real Estate Negotiation Institute