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Real estate has been part of my  life for many years, in various forms and from different perspectives. Personally, our family has moved and lived in different states (CA, CO, IA, MA, NJ, NY-upstate)  / countries (US, France, Canada), each transfer requiring

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My interest in real estate education grew after multiple years as a pre-licensing instructor in NJ and the feedback received from students on an ongoing basis. When I decided to expand outside of pre-licensing, NJ still did not have any

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I found that the CNE course, taught by Isabelle Perkins, provided a comprehensive explanation of the psychology, theory and technique behind the negotiation process. It was broken down into manageable and understandable segments. Isabelle provided a good mix of lecture, power point and class participation. She was open to input from participants and her knowledge of NJ Real Estate law as it pertained to our discussions was very evident. The highlight of this class was that we were provided with dialog and phrases to use in real life situations. It was also enjoyable to interact with other Realtors who are facing negotiation dilemmas on a daily basis. I highly recommend this course for new and seasoned Realtors!

Lynne Bigica CNE, e-Pro, SRES, ASP McBride Agency Realtors, Franklin Lakes, NJ